Alternatives Journal (A\J), Canada’s most-respected environmental media organization, is preparing to commemorate our 50th anniversary in 2021 – and we’ve scheduled an exciting array of issue themes to help us learn, grow and celebrate…. together! Because our work is your work, our stories are your stories, and our successes (and failures) are your successes, too. From the very infancy of our community, we’ve aimed to enlighten, inform and inspire via the medium of journalism. 

Today, in spite of the fact that we face a global climate emergency, there are far too few respectable and responsible news outlets to help increase our environmental literacy. We’re proud to have been founded as a charity in 1971 to serve the purpose of being the voice of our community and, together with you, we are ready to deliver an incredible collection of stories through the four issues outlined below. Please consider reaching out to us to share ideas, to explore partnerships and collaborations, to suggest stories or folks we should be speaking with, and/or to help empower our work with some support.


2021 A\J issue themes are:

WINTER (February 2021): Theme is PLAYBOOK FOR PROGRESS.

About e-NGOs and the overarching contributions to progress.


SPRING (May 2021): Theme is THE FUTURE OF US

Examining species at risk in the new climate age, starting with our own.


SUMMER (September 2021): Theme is 2071 

A backwards from the future look at how we managed to avoid the dystopian outcomes (and maybe a shade or two of dystopia to keep it from being too Pollyannaish).


FALL (November 2021): A\J @ 50!

A nostalgic look back through the decades but with fresh content and opportunities for eloquent stories from the heart to throw wisdom and inspiration into the future.


For more information or to schedule a conversation about opportunities, please contact David McConnachie, Group Publisher, at or 226-792-988.


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