Current Events

Dr. Derek Muir conducting field research in the Arctic/photo provided by author
Arctic researcher Derek Muir has won the Weston Foundation lifetime achievement prize for his work on chemical movements through northern environments.
Toronto's waterfront/Photo by Eugene Aikimov on Unsplash
Major urban centres around the world are having honest conversations about the risks of building in flood plains. But not in Toronto.
We’ve already used up a year’s worth of Earth’s resources. And there are five months still to go.
Professor Molly Shoichet in the lab. (Roberta Baker/University of Toronto)
Humans demand progress that can only be achieved through complex, technological means. Shouldn't our elected officials be guided by science?
Smokestacks near Edmonton, AB. (Photo by Bill Burris. 2013.) CC A-SA
Ontario may have signalled an end to its cap-and-trade program, but the idea can still win popular support nationally...if Ottawa cuts every Canadian a cheque.
Plastic waste on a beach in Malaysia. ( 2011) CC BY2
The planet is drowning in single-use plastic. Here's how Canada is fighting back.
Riverfront Ave during Calgary flood. 2013 (Ryan L.C. Quan) CC BY-SA 3.0
Latest report on Canada's climate resiliency shows need to focus on protecting human health and learning from northern Indigenous methods of adaptation.
Doug Ford addresses supporters in Sudbury. May 2018. (Doug Ford.) CC A-SA
Premier-designate Doug Ford has moved quickly and, in some cases, quietly, to begin undoing small-scale programs to help Ontarians save money and reduce GHGs.
Toxicologist returns for book launch and fundraiser in support of the Paris Pit appeal
Waterloo Unlimited, an innovative program to empower secondary school students, educates the change-makers of tomorrow.
A University of Waterloo study uses a citizen photography exercise to investigate urban change and its impacts in Downtown Kitchener.
A\J’s long-time staffer Marcia Ruby visits Jeff Stager’s CKMS Agriculture show – 102.7 on your FM band