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bicycle in Toronto cycling strategy A\J
Bicyclists may see the infrastructure they want by 2033, but shouldn’t get their hopes up until province commits financially.
coal power keystone pipeline battle Canada US A\J
Keystone XL approval unlikely unless Canada reins in oil, gas and coal emissions.
Enbridge Line 9 crosses the Grand River in North Dumfries, Ontario.
The CCCU joins emergency response exercise to draw attention to local impacts of the Line 9 pipeline and tar sands.
Climate change will mean more snow in Canada. Alternatives Journal. A\J
The IPCC’s 5th report shows increased warming and more certainty than ever about human causation, despite what you might read elsewhere.
Shard and London Bridge at night A\J
Greenpeace activists continue to bring attention to the need for Arctic protection with intense actions that start before sunrise.
high speed train A\J
Ontario’s growing population should lead to a high-speed rail network across the province.
streetlights along straightaway A\J
Healthy communities go a lot further for street safety than excessive outdoor lighting and have fewer negative effects on the environment.
Airplane over Field Pickering A\J
From People or Planes, to Land Over Landings, A\J once again reports on the GTA airport fiasco.
Community Access Bike Share Kitchener A\J
Community Access Bikeshare launches despite bike share controversies around the world.
lake huron save our saugeen shores nuclear waste A\J
Experts and residents call for protecting the Great Lakes from nuclear waste, pollution, privatization and more.
rail pipeline oil transport A\J
Unless our love affair with oil ends, we'll have to cope with both Line 9 and increased rail transport.
bees neonicotinoids A\J
Which path will we take to protect pollinators from our current agricultural practices?
offshore wind development A\J
As rural Ontarians resist wind turbines, the provincial government needs to find a new way to harness wind power.
Calgary flood 2013. A\J Alternatives
Reflections on carnage and leadership from Calgary’s Great Flood of 2013.
grass briefcase corporate sustainability A\J
Green rankings and public scrutiny are two of the many ways that consumers can help companies move toward sustainability.
nuclear hot spots map great lakes A\J
Great Lakes nuclear facilities data updated for the first time in 16 years.
Asian Carp A\J
Grass carp found in Grand River confirmed sterile.
Justin Trudeau A\J
Will the new Liberal leader be good news for Canadian environmental regulation?
Enbridge line 9 pipeline marker A\J
The Line 9 pipeline comment application is directed at experts, not those in surrounding communities.
traffic jam A\J Alternatives Journal transit
Canada continues to cut VIA rail budget while Ontario cities implement light rail systems.
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