Food and Culture

petri dish with mould antibiotic resistance A\J
How are anti-bacterial resistance, factory farming and pandemics connected?
Hazelnut and blueberry dessert served at Camp Home by Michael Stadtländer.
Celebrity chef Michael Stadtländer's educational escape for grown-ups.
Plant a pollinator-friendly garden this spring to support your local farms and protect food security.
The edible benefits of the world’s largest greenbelt.
A taste of the ecological challenges of chocolate, and the efforts to make it more sustainable.
Jo Anne Tacorda digs into composting as one way to deal with all the food we’re wasting at home.
The role of Canada’s boreal forest in global food security, and efforts to protect the priceless natural resource.
Jo Anne Tacorda, co-creator of the National Student Food Charter and A\J food blogger, serves up a 3-course meal on global hunger and food advocacy efforts.
Currently, the Food & Culture blog features articles by Jo Anne Tacorda focused on food justice. If you're interested in adding your voice to this blog, please send a short proposal and writing sample to blogs @
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