Made in Canada

Queen's Park in Toronto/Photo by Benson Kua
The Ontario government's decision to weaken the office of Environmental Commissioner is bad news for the province's environment and the health of its people.
Hiking in Prince Edward Island/Martin Cathrae
Giving Canadians the ‘right to roam’ might be a small step toward answering the calls of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Glacier Skywalk. (Jack Borno/Wikimedia) CC BY-SA
Canadians love their national parks. But are we loving them to death?
Canada has finally committed to move forward with an asbestos ban by 2018.
sleek car from low angle; back end
On June 17th 2016, the Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team at the University of Waterloo unveiled their latest solar-powered car model: the Midnight Sun XI.
Sustainable.TO celebrates the 6th anniversary of the Sustainable Design Awards
Knives, forks, and spoons made from a biodegradable starch-polyester material.
The bioplastics industry is taking off – and has way more potential than dorky forks made from corn starch.
Pumpkins after Halloween by Mk2010.
Using cradle-to-cradle thinking to get the most out of your jack-o-lantern.
SaskPower Boundary Dam GS
SaskPower’s retrofit could set a precedent for keeping aging coal plants open after all.
Newfoundland root cellar
East Coasters are returning to their roots in the search for food security – and demonstrating the link between sustainability and plain old common sense.
Two Toronto organizations are figuring out how to process emerald ash borer-infested lumber, making use of the waste left in the beetle’s wake.
Abeego wraps covering bowls and glasses.
The compostable Abeego food wrap offers a healthy, environmentally-friendly alternative to smothering your food in plastic.
2014 Arctic Adaptations Venice Biennale Exhibit
The lauded Arctic Adaptations exhibit demonstrates how sustainable design and a non-hierarchical process can bridge tradition and modernization in Northern communities.
Southbrook Vineyards and Monforte Dairy are combining old world methods with contemporary design thinking for superior, sustainable and delicious products.
Abenaki-style birchbark canoe made by Tom Byers.
These works of art and feats of engineering are central to Canadian and First Nations history – and the craft of birchbark canoe-making is still alive and well.
Up Drop (Aurora Robson), a 9-foot-tall sculpture made from plastic debris.
Aurora Robson and other Project Vortex artists work with plastic waste to keep it out of our oceans.
Lito Green Motion's Sora electric motorcycle
The Sora, like Tesla, is hell-bent on making electric vehicles cool.
Straw bales on a field.
A little resourcefulness goes a long way. Manitoba-based Prairie Paper is using agricultural waste to re-engineering the paper industry – with help from actor Woody Harrelson.
Fort McMurray airport expansion – McFarlane Biggar Architects + Designers
If you build a sustainable airport in Fort McMurray, does it matter?
Skateboards designed by students in the Oasis Skateboard Factory.
Skateboarding has become the leading contributor to maple deforestation, but innovative designers are finding ways to lessen its environmental impact.
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