Renewable Energy

Citizens protesting pipeline expansion in Burnaby, BC/Mark Klotz
The Trans Mountain pipeline court decision will test just how long Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can maintain his energy-environment balancing act.
Smoke blocks out the sun above a wildfire blaze in Colorado/DVIDSHUB CC BY
Propping up the old economy can only lead to 'Hothouse Earth'. But it's not a foregone conclusion.
Belo Monte dam on the Xingu River/SAE 2015.
Hydroelectricity may appear clean. But when it comes to megadams, the veneer of sustainability can wear thin.
Wind farm in southwestern Ontario/Michael Swan. 2015. CC BY-ND 2.0
Setting aside lawsuits from shuttering wind projects, Ontario is turning its back on unprecedented opportunities in the renewable energy and clean tech sectors.
Data showing Canadian support for carbon pricing.
Ontario’s mostly pro-climate-pricing voters didn’t abruptly shift their thinking on fighting climate change on election day — only the PC leader did.
Pickering nuclear plant from Frenchman's Bay. (JasonParis. 2011) CC BY 2.0
The Pickering nuclear plant will close sooner rather than later. Are we ready to transition the plant’s workers to a post-nuclear reality?
Rooftop Solar Installation. (Oregon Dept. of Transportation. 2012) CC BY 2.0
Latest modelling says US$480 billion needed to boost renewables and shift away from fossil fuels to keep planet from warming more than 1.5°C.
Canada needs to go above and beyond the Paris Agreement to make a decarbonized economy a reality
WWF-Canada's David Miller reminds us to temper our expectations as it pertains to COP21
The makers of a new oscillating wind power technology say it removes barriers to wind power. We’ll see.
(Photo: a group of small plastic businessmen stand in discussion)
The environmental movement is divided on two key battlegrounds: intensification and nuclear power.
Leaky Faucet by Maarten van Damme
A lot of energy goes into treating and distributing municipal water, so if you want to conserve energy, you need to conserve water.
The US flushes about 350 billion kilowatt-hours of heat energy down the drain every year. Enter wastewater heat recovery.
Starry Night-inspired bike path.
Why architectural principles hold the key to wind and solar acceptance.
Preamplifier at the National Ignition Facility
Once again, military advantage is fuelling nuclear technology advancements. This time, Lockheed Martin has announced a nuclear fusion breakthrough.
Solar photovoltaic cell panels under sunny sky
New research out of Cambridge has game-changing implications for the future of energy production.
Drop of water
Our increasing rate of consumption means that the huge reservoir found under the ocean floor won’t do much to change water scarcity.
60 MW geothermal power plant in Iceland.
Geothermal energy pays off – if you can front the cash needed to find it.
Biomass wood pellets
What’s to blame for high emissions: biomass itself, or lax regulations?