Renewable Energy

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Could new developments with methane hydrates in Japan threaten renewables – and any chance of mitigating global warming?
New evidence suggests negative health effects from wind turbines are caused by anti-wind campaigns themselves.
If we’re going to make renewables work, we need to start figuring out where to put them.
Stu Campana explores the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships between renewable energy infrastructure and greenbelts.
We can remain hopeful about the future of solar power, provided we deal with its worrisome side effects.
Exploring the downside of energy independence and opting out of the grid.
An examination of the narrowing scope of today’s renewable energy strategies.
A tornado touching down in Kansas. Wind turbines are visible.
Harnessing the energy of tornadoes with Louis Michaud's Atmospheric Vortex Engine.
Variability isn’t unique to renewable energy sources – and we already know how to deal with it.
Could the untapped resources of micro and pico hydropower can provide a path to fossil fuel freedom?
Calling for comprehensive thinking about hydroelectric dams that balances people, the environment and our energy needs.
Windmills in rural Germany. © elxeneize \
Looking to Germany for insight into gathering political support for renewable energy.
Evaluating the merits (or lack thereof) of Medicine Hat’s concentrated solar power project.
Stu Campana argues against completely phasing out nuclear power in Canada and around the world.
Exploring the promise of renewable energy co-ops that allow communities to benefit directly from energy projects.
Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff Program: Protectionism and the Challenges of Renewable Energy Growth
Putting the “windmills kill birds” argument into perspective. Let the “stop the house cats” campaign begin.
Breathing life into a ground breaking new fuel source and the importance of early adoption.
On why wind turbines might sound like nails on a spinning metal chalkboard, just not to you.