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Algae pollution at a Berkeley, CA marina/Andy Wang on Unsplash
Researchers from the Université de Montréal have identified a tipping point at which land can no longer retain phosphorous. Odds are good we've passed that point.
UN Sustainable Development Goals. Adopted September 2015.
Canada ranked 20th globally in meeting its sustainable development goals. Challenges persist, but so do opportunities.
Hwy 401 running through Greenbelt land. (Haljackey. 2013) CC BY-SA 3.0
Alternatives is looking for Indigenous writers, photographers and videographers to share their stories of Indigenous life in and around the Greenbelt for our latest project!
Dairy cows having a bite. (Lee Simpson. 2017) CC BY-ND 2.0
If dairy cows could spend less time each day being milked, what would they do with their new-found free time? And how could this improve bovine health? Enter big data.
How the precautionary principle can save lives and our peace of mind when it comes to fracking and earthquakes.
Paris COP 21
In order to effectively implement the factors of the Paris Agreement, Canada must rethink its sustainable governance
One Waterloo residents' idea has transformed a community's movement to live local.
Three things to learn from Polish fair trade fashion designers
(Photo: a woman sews a button on fabric)
Save money and the planet with these DIY clothing repairs and upcycling ideas.
(Photo: a rack of used clothing)
Our top tips for a successful clothing swap.
(Photo: a woman reaching into a washing machine)
Practical tips for reducing your laundry footprint.
(Photo: a reflection of a village in a body of water)
The Clean Foundation's guide to preventing flooding in your yard and harvesting rainwater for your gardens.
(Photo: a businessman riding a bicycle to work)
What you need to know to make cycling a part of your daily routine.
Woman putting sunscreen from a bottle on the beach
The difference between chemical and physical sunscreen, ingredients to avoid and other important details to help keep your skin protected this summer.
Chef's Garden Tour | Edsel Little via Flickr
Take a crash course to get your vegetable garden off to a strong start!
Citronella Plant Mosquito Repellant
In a move seen as targeting natural products, Health Canada is considering restricting the popular bug repellent ingredient.
Brown paper packages tied up with string by Susy Morris
95% of Canadians like the idea of more environmentally friendly gift-wrapping. Here's how to do it.
How to avoid filling the world with more plastic, toxic, resource-sucking or unwanted crap this holiday season.
Holiday survival guide
Let us help you through the December chaos.
Seed packets
Top tips for seed saving, rain gardens and sprouting from workshops at Guelph's Hillside Festival.