The Mouthful

(Photo: a plentiful spread of fruits and vegetables)
Brazil’s food guide got a radical overhaul last year that we should all pay attention to. The new guide categorizes foods based on how processed they are, rather than what they’re made of.
What Healthy Soil Looks Like | Natural Resources Conservation Soil Program
One third of all land is degraded – and agriculture is the biggest culprit. Here are five ways we can improve soil health.
hy-vee by Dean Hochman \ flickr
A significant portion of food waste occurs before it even makes it into your fridge.
Grasshopper chocolates
There are a lot of good reasons to eat insects, but will westerners ever get over the “yuck” factor? A Dutch supermarket thinks so.
Hospital food
How hospitals, universities and other institutions are revitalizing their food services with fresh, sustainable ingredients.
Lufa Farms Ahuntsic at sunset
Lufa Farms is tackling the dual problem of increasing demand and a lighter footprint.
Beyond Food Banks
At community food centres, meeting basic food needs is a jumping-off point for tackling bigger issues, like health and sustainable agriculture.
Young girl with root vegetables, learning how food is produced.
If we want to fix our food system, we need more comprehensive understanding of food literacy that incorporates food production, social justice and environmental elements.
“Everybody Eats” effectively balances health, environment, social justice and economic concerns.
Lucky Harms made with real GMO. Vermont mural by Brian Clark.
If the groundbreaking law makes it to its 2016 effective date, it will set a strong precedent for the rest of the US and Canada.
Raised bed vegetable garden
Vancouver's Think & Eat Green @ School program brings teachers, community members and students of all ages together – and out of the classroom – to help build resilient local food systems.
Tractor sowing seeds on a field.
Proposed changes to the Plant Breeders' Rights Act via Bill C-18 have huge implications for national food security. The National Farmers' Union is proposing the Seed Act for Farmers as an alternative.
produce on a kitchen scale.
Bust through the confusion and competition between these two green-eating buzzwords.
Fresh produce at the Byward Market by Jamie McCaffrey
The Conference Board of Canada's plan released this year prioritizes industry prosperity over health, sustainability and security – and individual responsibility over effective policy.