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Airplane at sunset
Are loopholes in emissions reporting allowing countries to ignore aviation's contributions to global warming?
Donald Trump Pop Art/image by tiburi
How did the culture surrounding Donald Trump fuel climate denial?
An airplane takes off from a runway/photo by bilaleldaou
Is the aviation industry washing its hands of climate change?
Swedish professor Karin Björkland tells A\J how a partnership with the University of British Columbia helped make her a better researcher.
Smoke rising over German factories. (Foto-Rabe/Pixabay)
Recent research from UNC-Chapel Hill suggests air quality improvements since the 1990s have cut the number of deaths related to air pollution in half.
Growing coffee in Colombia/Eddy Milfort
Deep in the Andes Mountains, where growing coffee is a multi-billion business, the creeping impacts of global warming are threatening a way of life.
Busy streets in Bangkok, ThailandPhoto by Dan Freeman on Unsplash
New ways of thinking about "overpopulation" can help make sure you're doing it right.
Cape Town from Table Mountain. (Photo by Bas Leenders. 2012) CC BY-SA
Cape Town avoided catastrophe in April, but water shortages and subsequent cuts in usage will not be a thing of the past. Nor are other cities immune.
A brittle star occupying a year-old subsea installation. (Photo by D. Jones)
In the North Sea, thousands of oil rigs and wind turbines are being decommissioned and removed from ocean habitats. But could leaving them in be better for the environment?
Petare Slums in Caracas. (2013) CC 1.0
World populations are expected to level off around 2100. But that gradual slowing in growth "signals a harsh biological reality."
Seychellois people are proud of their natural heritage
A man paddles a girl to school on the backwaters of Kerala, India
Five Lessons, One Insight, and Five Ideas to Change the World
Gleb Raygorodetsky’s upcoming book seeks to bring attention to the resilience of indigenous communities facing climate change.
The gleaming Petronus Towers are the showpiece of Kuala Lumpur
A wake up call for Canada
The view from a back window of a tuk-tuk in Phnom Penh
Notes on Culture and Traffic Fatalities
(Photo: a couple stands on a beach in Thailand)
If we’re going to win the environmental debate, we need to position ourselves as defenders of “the good life,” not the threat.
(Photo: a field of plastic and a dead cow outside Bikaner, India)
Can India overcome its culture of litter?
Istanbul Spice Market by Chris Winter
You can learn much about a country from its local markets.
Santa and sleigh in a town square in Kos, Greece.
Tracing Santa Claus back to St. Nicholas.
The view from a Paris café.
Our “Think Global” blog hits the ground running with a look at what we can learn from French transportation culture.