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A\J RECAP 2015

We have had a VERY busy year in 2015, preparing the groundwork to layout a roadmap to the future, raising awareness of the connectedness of HEALTH and ENVIRONMENT, wading into the 2015 Election fray and delivering exclusive, on-the-ground commentary and coverage of the COP21 climate summit in Paris. It has been an incredible year of challenges AND achievements, continuity AND change, hard work AND...more hard work!

While we take a moment or two to catch our breath, here's a quick snapshot of some of the more noteworthy A\J achievements of 2015:

  • ROADMAP / 41.1
    • Special issue in collaboration with Sustainable Canada Dialogues, a collective featuring some of Canada’s brightest environmental minds
    • Launch at the AMERICANA 2015 Conference in Montreal
    • Panel Discussion at the Green Living Show
    • On-campus discussion at the University of Manitoba
    • 12-person panel discussion and roundtable at CONGRESS 2015 in Ottawa
  • FASHION 41.3
    • Developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo
    • Partnership and distribution to the WEAR 2015 conference on sustainable fashion
  • Biggest CAREERS (41.4) issue ever!
    • Developed in partnership with guest editors Frances Edmonds (HP Canada) and Gavin Pitchford (Canada’s Clean 50)
    • More than 115+ colleges and universities and more than 1050 environmental programs in the 2015 Education Guide
    • Panel discussions and launch event in support of issue
    • Reaching and engaging with more than 10,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook each and every day!
    • A\J is now read by more than 75,000 people each and every issue, including more than 30,000 on-campus readers as part of our growing Academic Partnerships
    • More than 25 unique and exclusive articles, features, videos and blog posts
    • Read by more than 75,000 Canadians
    • A\J’s Editorial Manager, Megan Nourse, in Paris and providing extensive coverage at COP21
    • More than 20 unique and exclusive content pieces developed and published
    • Read by more than 50,000 Canadians
    • A\J continues to develop its organizational strengths, as we enter our second year of ‘independence’
    • A\J experienced a ‘summer of change’ as part of the effort to build a stronger, more vibrant media voice for Canadian environmentalists
    • Seeking to raise a $100,000 Legacy Fund to sustain us as we celebrate our 45th anniversary in 2016, and into the future.
  • A\J’s VISION 2020
    • The Board and staff of Alternatives Journal have been working with community stakeholders to build a plan to expand the communications and media capacity for Canadian environmentalists
    • A\J plans to expand its digital content (tablet and mobile), video story-telling, social media engagement and video reporting capabilities to create a national media network that reaches millions of Canadians each and every day with inspiring stories and ideas and innovations that emanate from our community.

A\J — Canada’s Environmental Magazine — will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2016. 

We thank you for the time that you've spent with us this year and hope you will continue to read A\J - in print, online and via social media - every day for more stories that inspires and ideas that you can steal to make your little corner of this world greener, cleaner, healthier and more vibrant.

David McConnachie is A\J's publisher.

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