We’re in the final stretch of the Paris climate change summit and COP21 negotiators are in a race with time as they try and finalize an agreement. The deadline for a universal agreement endorsed by all 195 signatories is looming and failure is not an option.

COP21 agreement:

  • The latest version of the draft agreement, as of December 10 can be found here.
  • To help with understanding some of the climate jargon in the draft agreement read Scientific American’s guide to speaking like a climate change negotiator.
  • Deconstructing Paris has analyzed the summarized the updated draft agreement. The draft has been reduced to 27 pages with around 50 square brackets.
  • BBC has outlined the “sticking points” of the agreement, which include finance, differentiation and overall target goal. For live updates on the agreement, visit BBC’s COP21 Live: Final push for climate deal.
  • Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister and COP21 president, remains optimistic about the agreement but has announced that he will present the agreement on Saturday morning.

COP21 and Canada:

  • Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna has announced her support in ensuring that global average temperature does not rise beyond 1.5 degrees of pre-industrial levels.
  • Ken Smith, a Suncor mechanic from Fort McMurray, Alberta, spoke at COP21 urging Canada to make the transition from fossil fuels smooth for oil sand workers.
  • Canada, alongside the United States, has been awarded with the Fossil of the Day by the Climate Action Network for “for refusing to support a discussion on compensating poor countries vulnerable to natural events caused by climate change.”

COP21 and the world:

  • The target of limiting global average temperature rise by 1.5 degrees has been endorsed by Australia and the United States.
  • Financing remains a crucial aspect of the agreement with developing nations calling for more financial support from developed countries beyond their collective pledge of $100 billion.
  • US secretary of State, John Kerry remains optimistic but voices his concerns with some aspects of the draft agreement in the especially in regards to financing. 
  • Venezuela and Saudi Arabia were given the Fossil of the Day Award on Day 6 of COP21 for contradictory statements regarding their opposition to decarbonisation but support of stabilizing green house gases.

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