Blurry Pickers - Photo  by Deborah MacAusland


On March 27th Alternatives Journal is coming together with 10Carden and Hillside Festival in Guelph at 42 Carden Street to celebrate with friends of the Greenbelt the best way we know how; music, art, food and beverages. These elements are what bring us all together and what better reason than the mutual appreciation for our beloved land and waters.


Food and Beer

Borealis Grille & Bar will be catering this event, as part of “The Neighbourhood Group of Companies” which is dedicated to combine local natural foods and beverages, sustainable practices, and financial growth. Under the Umbrella of this parent company, Borealis Grille & Bar practices these core values through serving local foods, restoring natural heritage, while taking sustainable measures. Therefore, be sure to try out their delicious locally and sustainably grown foods at our event.

Along with these great foods, you’ll also be able to enjoy Beer from our local breweries; Wellington and TWB brewery. What better way is there to celebrate the community than enjoying a beer from the best breweries which enrich our community with history.

Wellington Brewery is Canada’s oldest independently owned microbrewery, as active members of the community, Wellington Brewery supports many events and charitable causes. They take pride in their craft as they use all-natural ingredients, so be sure to try out their exquisite beer!

TWB celebrates the community with the intersection of creativity and craft beers. As great supporters of sustainable practices and the green belt, they will come together at this event to serve the best of their craft.


Come enjoy the musical performances of Doug Larson, with five albums recorded with Kid Coma and a recently recorded album “Things that need to be said” with Steve Knox of the Kramdens. With passion for instrument building and music, come witness the sound of Doug Larson.

In addition to Larson, Anita Cozzola will also be performing. As part of an Art/Folk collective “Lifers” from Guelph, Ontario. Combining voices and instruments, witness the coming together of true vulnerability and strength through her performance.


Inevitably, you will dance the night away to the jams of our musical guests The Blurry Pickers and Justin Lacroix. The Blurry Pickers are known for their catchy upbeat melodies, and soulful lyrics. Their beats have crossed borders, but stop at none, bringing us all together with their sounds. Read more about The Blurry Pickers here

In addition, to Justin Lacroix who’s lyrics tell a tale through the smooth blend of folk, rock, and blues. Proudly, both of these artists are sensitive and supportive of environmental issues. 

Yasmeen Abu-Obaid is a student at the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability, University of Waterloo.


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