A\J is hosting a house party, February 16, 2017, to introduce GreenPAC to our friends in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.


To many Canadians, politics is about the parties. To A\Jers, it is really just about the party! 

To that end, we're teaming up with GreenPAC Canada to throw a 'house party' (in our offices) to introduce GreenPAC to our friends and associates in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. So mark down the date: February 16, 2017 - and if you want to join the fun, send me a note at david (@) alternativesjournal.ca.

GreenPAC is a groundbreaking non-partisan organization motivated by a simple belief — Canada needs strong political leaders who are driven to take action to protect the environment. 

"We are delighted to be welcomed by Alternatives Journal to Kitchener Waterloo," states Sabrina Bowman, executive director of GreenPAC.  "As a former University of Waterloo student, I'm especially excited speaking to local residents about how GreenPAC is taking the collective environmental concern of Canadians, and applying it towards elections so we can together ensure that our political parties hold environmental issues high on their list of concern."

GreenPAC was created to address the most serious challenge the environmental sector faces: translating Canadians’ environmental concerns into political action. GreenPAC tackles this challenge by channeling Canadians' broad but diffuse support for environmental progress toward the election campaigns of specific environmental champions. The goal of the organization is to recruit, nominate, elect, and support environmental leaders across the political spectrum, from all major political parties.

A relatively young organization, GreenPAC begain their work starting with the 2015 Federal Election. Over the course of the 2015 federal election, GreenPAC engaged the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who care deeply about the environment. A panel of independent, non-partisan experts analyzed candidates from all major political parties and endorsed 18 environmental champions. Canadians who want a stronger voice for the environment in politics were matched to candidates that fit their political views by using our Candidate Matching Tool. Once matched to a candidate, Canadians were invited to pledge their financial and volunteer support to their environmental champion. Their first campaign was a resounding success. Of the 18 candidates GreenPAC endorsed, 14 were elected to office, and two are now cabinet ministers. 

"Doing the right thing for the environment shouldn’t be a partisan issue. GreenPAC will help to support good people who support conservation in all political parties." - David Miller, Former Mayor of Toronto and President & CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada

"GreenPAC has made an important difference by identifying leaders on environmental issues, and helping them get elected to Parliament. Greater environmental action starts with strong advocates in Parliament." - - Michael Chong, Conservative Party of Canada

The house party will be held February 16th from 5PM to 7PM(ish) in the A\J offices @ 283 Duke Street West, Suite 204A, Kitchener, ON. Refreshments will be served.....and we're anticipating a great evening of interesting and invigorating conversations on politics, the environment, and the ways to build a healthier community and country.

Here's more about how GreenPAC works:

David McConnachie is A\J's publisher.

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