Here's a run-down of the food, music, art and beverages on-tap for tonight's event:


The work of CD Good, a transdisciplinary artist will be saturating the hall with spirituality and emotions through her creation of the river and the interactive Mandela art installation.

Her intricate work will be woven throughout the river which frames the celebration. Much like this event, the woven river mimics our individuality coming together for a common cause. We exist as independent units due to our unique differences, but like this river, we create beauty through our coexistence. Through her art, CD tells a story of restoration practices, the visual portrayal of the written word, and revels the unseen worlds to restore balance. Along with the river, CD will also display “The Strange Birds” at the celebration.

Additionally, a collaborative series from Laura Lee Roberts and CD Good explores the art of sculpting with fibers and beeswax in the creation the enchanting Casheenas. Celebrating our surrounding elements, Bonita Wagler will bring forth her own work focusing on water. Her short video montage will display how we relate to water in its various forms, with heavy influence on the Grand River Watershed. The montage features water study paintings by visual artist Roslyn Ramsay and the song, Bitter Water, written and recorded for the 25th anniversary of the contamination of the Elmira Groundwater.  Jennifer Davis and Justine Vogen will be gracing the evening with their own artistic contributions, including sculpture and writing. 

Evan Pointner will greet us as doors to the celebration open. He will set the tone with ambient, jazz-influenced, sample based electronic music.


Food and Drinks

Along with the vibrancy of the art, come enjoy great local foods from Vincenzo’s, and Queen street commons.

Vincenzo’s is an introduction to many of our community's food producers, and makers of soups, savories, dips and pastries, you'll find the finest of artisanal products from Waterloo Region among the standard gourmet and grocery items in this family owned store. They celebrate authenticity and value tradition everyday through their foods. As a large part of the Kitchener/Waterloo community, they value the coming together of the community.

Queen Street Commons Café is a project out of “The Working Center” which celebrates the community daily, as it brings people together with great food and even better conversations. They strive to ensure that all members of the community can enjoy their delicious meals through affordable pricing.

Thanks to Martin’s Family Fruit farm, you’ll also be able to try cider and apples, fresh, wholesome and nourishing goodness straight from Orchard.

This eventful night honors community and beer being is a root of our regions history. Therefore, come join us for a beer by the two craft breweries here in Kitchener/Waterloo; Abe Erb and Waterloo Brewing Company.

Abe Erb was established by the coming together of two Mennonite brothers; Abraham and John Erb, who sought opportunity in the wilderness of Upper Canada. Today, the Abe Erb team takes pride in their clean, hand crafted, perfect beer. We are very pleased to have them here as they have always been great supporters of the Alternatives Journal cause.

Around the Kitchener/Waterloo are for more than 30 years, Waterloo Brewing Company is one of the biggest and oldest names in local craft brewing. Alternatives Journal is a big fan of Waterloo Brewing company as they are taking on sustainable and environmental measures in their practice. Learn more about these local crafters during the event on March 21st!




Inevitably, you will dance the night away to the jams of our musical guests The Blurry Pickers and Justin Lacroix. The Blurry Pickers are known for their catchy upbeat melodies, and soulful lyrics. Their beats have crossed borders, but stop at none, bringing us all together with their sounds. Read more about The Blurry Pickers here

In addition, to Justin Lacroix who’s lyrics tell a tale through the smooth blend of folk, rock, and blues. Proudly, both of these artists are sensitive and supportive of environmental issues. Watch Justin preform by clicking this link and clicking the first video.

Yasmeen Abu-Obaid is a student at the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability, University of Waterloo.


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