Julia Galbenu explaining how ocean acidification is affecting how fish smell/sense their environment

Julia Galbenu, former A\J editorial intern and recent Oxford grad, explains how ocean acidificaton  is changing how fish smell and sense their world, a new paradigm that affects everything from how they avoid predators to how they spawn.

The world is just coming to realize the damage done by ocean acidification, a clear symptom of climate change, and thanks to scientists like Galbenu, we're now starting to explore the deeper impacts....and potential solutions.


Julia Galbenu graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Biological Sciences. Currently, she's making her way down Latin America with one simple aim: to get people outdoors and make them fall in love with nature. She'll be posting all about her adventures, as well as sneak peeks and excerpts from her book "Find Your Wild" on her instagram @juliagalbenu 

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