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Publisher/Executive Director


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June 15, 2018


A\J, or Alternatives Journal, is the nonpartisan media voice of Canada’s national environmental community, independently publishing intelligent & informed environmental journalism since 1971. A\J is published by Alternatives Inc, a registered Canadian charity.


Alternatives Journal (A\J) strives to be Canada’s most respected and valuable non-partisan environmental media voice.


Alternatives’ Journal (A\J) educates and connects Canadian communities on environmental issues, through inspiring storytelling, research sharing, and collaboration.

How We Do It:

  • Publish non-partisan news and critical analysis connected to the most pressing and relevant environmental topics of our time.
  • Make complex stories accessible to a broad cross-section of Canadians, through a range of mediums.
  • Provide vital capacity, tools, and a platform for Canada’s environmental communities.



Are you a keen and insightful publisher with years of leadership experience in small, independent press? Have you led and provided guidance to a team of publishing professionals? Are you motivated, digital savvy, and forward-thinking? If so, Alternatives Journal has a unique role available for you.

As the Publisher/Executive Director you will wear two leadership hats and provide thoughtful direction to a small team and long-established environmental magazine and media charity.

As a publisher: You will set the editorial and commercial direction for Alternative Journal. You will make decisions about markets and types of content offered to the A\J audience. As publisher, you will manage and work with teams of editors, designers, writers and freelance contributors to create and produce content. As a publisher, you need to exercise impeccable leadership and project management abilities and demonstrate a strong knowledge of the literary and publishing industries. You have a strong understanding of the possibilities for growth in both print publications and digital media, with an eye to the intersections between these arenas.

As an executive director:  You are the chief executive of Alternatives Inc. and are responsible for all aspects of daily operations, from selecting manuscripts to managing the finances.  This also includes revenue-generation management.  You will need to be a visionary leader with an eye on the future of a changing industry, leveraging resources to manage current obligations while making the focus about exploring latent and developing opportunities (both day-to-day and strategic).  Balance today’s responsibilities in areas as diverse as payroll and circulation with ensuring that enough oversight is being placed in logical strategic areas such as partner development, etc.


General A/J Publisher/Executive Director Duties:

  • Staffing: oversee current and future management and recruitment, HR processes, etc.
  • Business: responsible for revenue generation from our two main silos (media operations and charitable operations).
  • Operations: oversee all aspects of operations, including AP and AR, preparing payroll, managing circulation, etc.,  
  • Editorial: responsible for seeking out upcoming editorial themes, for envisioning (and creating/posting) new online content, working with Editorial Board and editorial team to manage day-to-day issues as well as envision future story ideas, etc.
  • Organizational Development: responsible for working with team members, Board members and external stakeholders to guide the organization through year-over-year issues as well as plan (and deliver) projects that help the organization grow more sustainable and impactful
  • Organizational Promotion: represent and speak on behalf of the organization at events, panel discussions, etc.

Specific A/J Publisher and Executive Director Duties:


  • Leads the search for the ‘big idea’ from a story-telling perspective
  • Identifies coverage gaps, both print and online
  • Provides oversight of the four annual print issues
  • Has a strong affinity and understanding of news cycles, stories, and trends
  • Able to balance print vs. digital editorial challenges
  • Strong leadership and judgment to mediate between competing departments and demands.
  • Supports Editor or Editor-in-Chief in meeting role responsibilities
  • Liaises with Editorial Board and Board of Directors


  • Leads efforts (or team) in all aspects of revenue generation
  • Leads efforts on high level partnerships and sponsorships
  • In charge of top-tier fundraising efforts, including campaign development and delivery
  • Seeks new monetization areas to explore and develop, especially in the digital media and marketing realm
  • Oversees ad-sales process
  • Oversees circulation management and staff
  • Oversee financial management and internal staff, plus liaise with Board and external/governmental stakeholders
  • Provides human resources leadership and oversight
  • Directs and leads marketing and promotional efforts

Organizational Operations

  • Main player in Board of Directors support, including supporting the Board chair in scheduling meetings, preparing documentation, etc.
  • Financial management (both day-to-day and more strategic), including governmental obligations (CRA reporting, etc.)
  • Maintains and develops organizational governance, in collaboration with the Board of Directors
  • Charity management and ideation including new fundraising/revenue efforts, both individual and from philanthropic foundations/organizations
  • Leads and oversees the organization in all administration and Legal Affairs
  • Is signing authority for Alternatives Journal



  • A Bachelor or Masters degree in Business administration, publishing, communications and marketing, or a related field
  • At least 5 years of Publishing and/or media and/or communications experience
  • At least 3 years in Executive leadership positions, ideally within non-profit and charitable organizations


  • Environmental awareness and/or experience, as well as significant knowledge of environmental issues and concerns.
  • Experience with digital marketing and monetizing print publications.
  • Proven experience in fundraising for non-profits or charitable organizations.
  • Given A/J's academic roots and connections and comfort with operating in academic settings


The salary range for this position is $60,000 - $75,000, commensurate with experience, with opportunities for bonuses based upon revenue-generation success.


If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your CV and cover letter in one pdf to on or before June 15, 2018. 

Within this pdf, please include your answer to this question: As the Publisher/Executive Director, how would you ensure A\J’s continued survival and financial success as a print publication in an increasingly digital media world?

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