Northern lights on the North West Transmission Line / a scene from Konelīne: our land beautiful

Described as “visual poetry,” the film is a cinematic documentary featuring the landscape and First Nations Tahltan people of northern British Columbia. Konelīne, translated as “our land beautiful” from Tahltan, artfully discusses nature, lifestyle and environmental issues. 

It is unique not only in its beauty, but in its unbiased observation of both the Tahltan people and Canadian service workers. The interpretation of events is left up to the audience.

A stunning film shot in 4k widescreen, Konelīne is visceral and powerful in both sound design and cinematography. Deservedly, the cameraperson Van Royko won the 2016 Award for Best Documentary Cinematography from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers for this film. 

Check back next week for a review of the film, including details from an exclusive A\J interview with director Nettie Wild!

Friday, September 16th through Thursday, September 2

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