After 45+ years of success in our print magazine we at A/J are turning our eyes towards the future by rebranding and redoing our entire website. Our goal of this rejuvenation is to widely expand our online platform to provide increasing amounts of content on the web through blogs, videos, and audio recordings.

But before we do anything, we want to hear from you, the people and organizations that have supported us.

How can we grow A/J to better suit your needs? What kinds of content are you looking to get from A/J online? What other advice do you have for A/J as we grow and morph?

To help us on this project, please fill out this form, or respond to me directly via e-mail ( I’m also happy to schedule longer calls and conversations if you believe it would be helpful.

Thank you for your ongoing support of environment journalism in Canada. Together, I believe we can bring environmental news, successes, events, and projects to more eyes and ears across Canada.



Katie Kish is a mum, maker and teacher who loves to explore how people find meaning and purpose through creativity and curiousity. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo, a Lecturer at the University of Waterloo and Vice President Communications for the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics.

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