Midnight SunXI Solar car

Three years of trials and errors, brainstorming ideas and incredible amount of dedication have gone into creating this sleek black beauty of a car. And it's gets better. Midnight SunXI runs completely using solar power, zero fossil fuel.

Midnight SunXI Solar car is created by the Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team, the largest student-run project at University of Waterloo. Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car Team was founded in 1988 with the concept of a solar powered bike. The team soon grew beyond bikes and expanded into solar powered cars, and now builds a solar vehicle every two to three years.

The Midnight Sun solar car team has been recognized internationally for their innovations. The team has been participating in the World Solar Challenge held in Australia and the North American Solar Challenge (formally known as American Solar Challenge and Sunrayce prior to that). For 28 years the team has managed to stay as one of the top Canadian Solar car teams and has won the titles Top Canadian Team and Top Canadian team Technical Innovation award.

The Midnight SunXI is truly groundbreaking. MXIS has moved on a new trajectory with a sleek carbon fiber body (former solar cars had Aluminum frame), added a passenger seat and a fourth wheel. With a next generation motor controller (weighing only abouta quarter of the old system), MSXI will have up to a 5% increase in efficiency from 89% to 94%. The car also includes a new embedded control system to maximize solar efficiency. MSXI is capable of travelling at an ideal top speed of 102km/h.

So did this magnificent, cutting-edge solar car peak your interest? Would you like to see it unveil, learn how it works and take pictures with it? If yes, please join the Midnight Sun Solar Rayce Car team and A\J for a night of exciting revelations.

Details of the event are below:

When: June 17th at 4.00pm

Where: Sedra Student Design Center (located at Engineering 5, University of Waterloo)

Guest Speakers: Pearl Sullivan (Dean of Engineering), Zackary Bernholtz (Team Advisor), Aaron Lam (Project Manager), MinghaoJi (Engineering Manager)





Semini is a graduate of the Environment and Resource Studies program at the University of Waterloo and a former A\J editorial intern.

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