Susan Watson remembers being arrested at Clayoquot Sound in British Columbia in 1993. Up until then, she had considered herself a bit of a goody-two-shoes, but once she crossed that line and sat on the road to protest the logging of the ancient rainforest with 850 others, she lost her fear. She was charged with criminal contempt of court for publicly ignoring the court injunction against protesting the logging. And she has no regrets. 

With the Kinder Morgan protests, Watson recognizes the same feeling of people-powered advocacy and frustration she experienced over twenty years ago.  Today she continues to advocate with her son, Alec.

"The government has still not followed through on its obligations to fund health care for Indigenous children on an equal footing with every other Canadian child, but we have 4.5 billion dollars to spend on a pipeline?" says Watson.

This is the same line of thinking as many Canadians across the country. There are so many better uses for 4.5 billion dollars than assuming the risk on a leaky, unnecessary pipeline. 

The Lead Now advocacy group has organized multiple "snap actions" from Newfoundland to British Columbia, where Canadians are gathering to let the Trudeau government know they think the Kinder Morgan bailout is a waste of taxpayer billions.  See what else is happening in your area:

In the meantime, here are a few photos from our local gathering in Guelph.

Other events taking place across Canada. Find more information here:


Leah Gerber has always been pretty nosy. Sometimes she still has trouble distinguishing between being curious and being rude. She loves exploring Canada's nooks and crannies, especially on a bicycle. Her goal is to tell stories, visually and with words, that inspire change in our world, even just a little. 

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