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Things from the Internet!

In St. Louis, Missouri, a large all-ages playground called City Museum has been constructed using found objects from the city including a ferris wheel, old bridges and two abandoned planes.
Source: Feel Desain \ Found by Rachel

Japan has developed floating solar power stations! The largest such system to date, which goes live this month, is located in two reservoirs in Kato City. The system consists of almost 9,000 solar panels on a bed of polyethylene and is fully waterproofed.
Source: Huffington Post \ Found by Rachel

The Coca-Cola company has revealed a new Coke bottle made entirely from sugar cane. Their goal is to use the “PlantBottle” exclusively by 2020.
Source: Mashable \ Found by Rachel

Germany has agreed to convert over 60 former military bases into nature preserves, aiming to create sanctuaries for rare species of birds.
Source: France 24 \ Found by Rachel

A new study by Yegor Malashichev, a zoologist at Saint Petersburg State University in Russia, has discovered that kangaroos are almost exclusively left-handed.
Source: National Geographic \ Found by Rachel

Things from Videos!

Animator Seth Boyden has created a short film that imagines a rock’s journey through time and space.
Source: National Geographic \ Found by Rachel

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