Phizzog (means "this face" ) - photo by Lily Strickler; cocreated by CD Good and Cheryl Ives
It is called a "phizzog" and it is composed of beeswax and all sorts of paraphernalia – hidden inside and seen outside. The phizzog embodies the spirit of enchantment and delight – the wildness, yet the sweetness – the altered state and the powerful whimsy – all that we wanted to infuse into the hearts and minds of the people coming to celebrate with us at Our Greenbelt.

Ella Haley adds another knot to The River, an art installation created and conceived by CD Good to symbolize the stories that bind us together. Photo by Deborah MacAusland

There was a wildness to the party. I think winter’s exit is long overdue, and people were itching to howl.

 Photo by Lily Strickler

Guests started arriving as we finished last-minute preparations. Of course, running behind schedule, prepping food while pouring drinks and greeting friends is par for the course when you are busy socializing and running a big party.

Photo by Deborah MacAusland

The art of CD Good and friends framed the event space with ethereal art, helped along by the ambient music of Evan Pointner.

CD Good and A\J intern, Braedon Lehman. Photo by Deborah MacAusland

Our tables were overflowing with pretzel sandwiches, sushi, cheeses, crackers, veggies and dips from Vincenzos and Queen Street Commons. The malty beverages were provided by Waterloo Brewing and Abe and Erb, while Martin’s Famliy Fruit Farm provided fresh Ambrosia apples and apple cider.

Photo by Deborah MacAusland

The speakers kept it short-and-sweet, but raised ideas and a few eyebrows before diving back into the crowd for further fun, friends and mingling.

Justin Lacroix, Blurry Pickers' D'Arcy Good and A\J's own Leah Gerber. Photo by Bonita Wagler

The musical performances by Justin Lacroix and The Blurry Pickers turned the house party into a house concert, and we are feeling so blessed to have shared it with so many friends, colleagues and extended community family members. We even got to hear A\J editor, Leah Gerber, join Justin and the Blurry Pickers for a special rendition of Woody Guthrie’s “Hoping Machine.”

The Blurry Pickers (Mark Thackway, D'Arcy Good, Blair Babcock on the left; Jeff English second from right) and Justin Lacroix (right) sandwich A\J's Marcia Ruby and Leah Gerber. Photo by Deborah MacAusland

The mood was positive. The perspectives shared were respectful and collaborative. Everyone in the room agrees on the importance of expanding our protection of natural, priceless spaces, including the expansion of the Greenbelt into Waterloo Region. The points of contention are there, but they are truly few if measured by the sense of community that emanated from the Co-Working Space at 283 Duke Street West

Our community is wild about nature, rivers, land and people. We’re wild about art and music. We are a bunch of like-minded good souls who love a good party and a great cause. So here's to Our Greenbelt!

David McConnachie is A\J's publisher.

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