Concerned Citizens of Brant invite the public to attend 'CELEBRATE OUR WATERS' fundraiser in support of the Paris Pit appeal

On Saturday, November 18th, from 2-5PM, the group Concerned Citizens of Brant (CCOB), with the support of renowned toxocologist Dr. Poh Gek Forkert, will be hosting a book launch/family event/fundraiser to help the group appeal an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) ruling against the group's efforts. Click here to learn more and/or to help with a donation.

Dr. Forkert will be promoting her new book 'Fighting Dirty: How a Small Community Took on Big Trash', which encapuslates the experiences of how one small group of farmers, residents and Indigenous people successfully fought one of the world's largest waste disposal companies. Dr. Forkert is a research scientist and toxicologist who has published more than eighty papers (and book chapters) on the metabolism of toxic chemicals.

Like the CCOB's Paris Pit battle, Fighting Dirty is a David-vs-Goliath story. David Suzuki shared that "Fighting Dirty is an inspiring read for all activists battling against the money and power of corporations. It shows that when a small group of determined, commited citizens don't give up, leaders and unexpected opportunities will emerge. When the cause is just, good people can win."

"When the cause is just, good people can win." - David Suzuki

While many A\J readers may be familiar with the legal machinations involved in the fight against the Melancton 'Mega Quarry', this battle to protect a community's groundwater has been much less publicized, which is why the organizers of the CELEBRATE OUR WATERS event are hoping to solicit support from a broad coalition of local and regional citizens and activists to continue their work to protect their lands and their water. 

If you would like to attend this event or learn more, please contact Anne Ehrlich, event spokesperson, at 519-442-2399.



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