Over 40% of fruit and vegetables are deemed too "ugly" for sale in North America each year and are thrown out. 


☀   Students from Ryerson University have finished their pilot greenhouse project in Naujaat, Nunavut which utilizes a variety of new technologies to grow fresh produce in the Artic Circle all year long. There's a video of the igloo-shaped greenhouse at the source (via cbc.ca


☀   A new species of whale has been discovered in the Pacific Ocean. The still-unnamed whale has been known to Japanese fishers through sightings for years, but it's existence has only been confirmed by scientists this week. (via theguardian)


☀   In the antarctic, a pack of humpback whales saved the life of a Weddell seal that was being hunted by killer whales. (via sciencemag.org)


☀   Florida has reported the first cases of locally-transmitted cases of the Zika virus. (via cbc.ca)


☀   Venezuela has been experiencing a massive food-shortage across the country and zoo animals are being hit particularly hard, with over 50 animals having starved to death in the last six months. (via reuters)


☀   The #UglyFruitAndVeg campaign from EndFoodWaste.org has successfully lobbied WalMart to start selling "ugly" produce. Every year, millions of tonnes of perfectly fine produce is wasted because it doesn't look a specific way. Considering the food shortages in the world, this level of waste is horrific. (via thinkprogress)


☀   New Zealand has launched a $28 million initiative to rid the country of all rats, stoats and possums by 2050. These creatures are highly invasive, destroying habitats and native species, and were brought over by travellers in the 18th century. (via yale environment360)


☀   Dutch researchers have been exploring the potential of a honeysuckle plant called the Green Junkie, which is unique in its abiltity to consume high rates of carbon dioxide. They hope to adapt the plant to help combat pollution and fossil-fuel-specific waste. (via inhabitat)


☀   NASA's Mars team has decided that the gullies on the planet's surface were unlikely to have been created by liquid water, as was previously hypothesized. (via NASA)


☀   The Manitoba government is looking for feedback on legislation governing the use and regulation of non-essential pesticides. Residents can send questions, comments and criticism to the department through letter or online form. (via metronews)


☀   If you're looking for something to do, Food Secure Canada is holding their World Social Forum in Montreal on August 12, 2016. (via foodsecurecanada)



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