Ahead of this week's start of United Nations climate change negotiations, people around the world marched demanding governments to reach a science-based agreement that will keep global warming under 2 degrees, while providing the needed resources to move to a fossil free world. In Canada, thousands marched with the biggest events happening in Ottawa and Vancouver. Below are photos of Canadian marchers and their reasons for participating. 

Photos by Jasper Grau


"I just realized that it is completely important for the morality of our society to take real steps on climate. I'm here to inspire myself  and be apart of an important statement" ­- Benjamin Goldstein

"It's absolutely crucial that students take action on climate justice. As a student climate change is an issue that greatly affects our generation. I believe all tudents should take action on climate justice.­" - Bill Xu (Right)

"For 20 years our government has promised action on climate change and emissions have gone up 63%. People of colour have been on the forefront of climate justice, our voices need to be better represented. If the paris talks fail there's almost no hope to find a deal on climate change. It is crucial now to force our governments to put a price on carbon and stop further tar sands expansion." ­- Khalib Butroe (Left)

"I am here today to march for all current generations all of the marginalized that are most impacted by climate change but who have contributed the least to it. We have people from all backgrounds and all belief systems saying that we want climate justice and we want it now." -­ Kaschelle Thiessen

"For me it's about taking action now to make sure future generations can have something they can steward." - ­Kevin Kimoto

"I'm 82 years old, I have children and grandchildren whereas climate control will have nothing to do with me, I'll die first. But it will have a lot to do with them and with all the people in the rest of the world. I figure you don't have a beach without grains of sand and I'm just an old grain of sand." - Leila Bell

"I'm here because I believe in the power of grassroots initiatives and organizing in organizations, it gives me a sense of hope and purpose to be apart of the movement." - ­Marc Desaulniers

"When the salmon go, the trees will go, the people will go. We have to protect the salmon, we have to protect the forests and the earth that's why I'm here." ­Shamentsut Slhanay



Photos by Aurore Fauret


"I'm marching because I believe in climate justice and people power. That's why it's important for all of us to show our global struggle today right before the kickoff in Paris to demand climate justice from our global leaders." ­ - Seble Samuel 

"I'm here today because this is what democracy looks like. And because of the marches being shut down in Paris for security concerns ­­ we have to be louder everywhere else in the world to get our message heard at COP." ­ Jen Gobby 

I'm really touched to be a part of this march with my children and my grandchildren, all three generations together, because this march is about protecting the earth for our future and future generations. We had to be here together-  Leslie Gardner 



Photos by Robin Tress


 At the climate march in New York I realized that I'm doing this for my grandchildren and great grandchildren." ­ Brian Gifford

"We need a just transition for workers in this province." - Danny Cavenaugh
"I'm here for the blue whales." - Maggy Duck, 10 years old (pictured with her dad, Tom Duck)

“It's up to the people to change how things are used for energy and water. Climate change is not only affecting us, it's affecting everything in the whole world." ­ Annie Clair



Photos by Andy Kubrin


"We need a climate change movement, a zero carbon movement. We need to get governments to work together, but that can only happen at a grassroots level. We have to demand change. Across this country, we have to look into helping our partners. Climate change is real. We can't keep running away from the consequences." ­- Ajay Pal Singh

"The biggest reason I'm here today is to learn. Climate change is a serious issue that affects the whole world. Knowledge is power, as people say. That's why I'm here to learn." - ­ Ariel Kubrin
"I'm here with the Global Catholic Climate Movement, and I'm here because it's important to show solidarity with the rest of the world that is realizing the consequences. Climate change is here now and it's devastating. We need global mobilization. It's important here in Western Canada to show solidarity with the people of the global South. The people there are fully exposed to the impact of climate change, and they have fewer resources than we do, less wealth, and less of a voice. That's why it's important to show solidarity with them. ... We need to accept the science of climate change, but it's difficult, because when you accept that science, you also have to accept many other things. That's why it's easy for climate change deniers to say they're anti­elitist, to simply push aside the science they don't want to face." - ­ Monica Leong

"Climate justice is common justice." - Jayde Tynes

"We're here for the planet." - Sasha

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