Julia Goes Eco youtube channel
Watch former A\Jer Julia Galbenu's attempt at leading a waste-free, vegan, eco lifestyle. Whether it's a success or a failure - she'll keep us informed and entertained!

Former A\J intern, Julia Galbenu, is no shrinking violet when it comes to learning to live a more sustainable lifestyle. And being a savvy communicator, Julia has taken A\J readers along on some of her journies, including a recent trip to India.

Now that she's back home in England, Julia's commitment to the environment is stronger than ever - and she's committed to living a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, for herself and for the planet.

And in true millennial style, Julia has launched a YouTube channel (Julia Goes Eco!) to document her experiences, her frustrations and her achievements. With her usual blend of self-deprecating humour and insightful new perspectives, Julia's journey to 'go eco' will sure to enlighten, to educate and to entertain - and we're looking forward to watching each step along the way.

Here's her first video, introducing the series:


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