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We all have it. A pile of old lumber, a stack of tiles, a stash of paving stones and extra copper tubing from that plumbing renovation hiding in our basements, garages or behind the shed.

It turns out that all of that "waste" material can be used to create the most interesting, inviting and rustic outdoor gazebo. 

This gazebo was built using rail ties as the primary structure and waste lumber as the haphazard dome that blends beautifully with the surrounding wooded space. The benches were added to create the ideal reader's forest fantasy. Another design I came across featured a copper tube fastened to the top of a round gazebo. Raindrops fell onto the beautiful raingarden below, providing a cool breeze on a hot day.

Before hauling things to the dumpster, consider how you can reuse and upcycle your garden and renovation waste. 



Irith McConnachie is the Chair of Alternatives Inc.  She is a natural product designer, medical herbalist, entrepreneur, writer, enviromentalist, a generally joyful person whose personal goal is to help people to become happier. For more eco-living tips, keep an eye out for Irith's blogs and forthcoming books, You'll be Happy, A Gluten Free Cookbook and A Happier Greener Life.

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