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Change is constant
A message from A\J's publisher about the constancy of change and the future of A\J
Second Revolution Communications
Alternatives Inc. Chooses Second Revolution Communications to act as its Business Development Arm
Depave Paradise is proving we don’t have to wait for greener infrastructure
The gleaming Petronus Towers are the showpiece of Kuala Lumpur
A wake up call for Canada
The view from a back window of a tuk-tuk in Phnom Penh
Notes on Culture and Traffic Fatalities
Free the Arctic 30
Repercussions, good and bad, are revealed in Ben Stewart interview.
Meet Miriam Nina Friedrich, one of the Greenpeace volunteers who boarded the Shell Polar Pioneer in April.
Shark on a bus - the moveable museum exhibit
Paul Sharp drives around Australia in a mobile marine museum, spreading the word about the challenges facing our oceans.
Does climate change inhibit extraterrestrial life from making contact?
Maybe we haven’t heard from aliens because advanced civilizations kill themselves off via environmental destruction before they can travel space.
The makers of a new oscillating wind power technology say it removes barriers to wind power. We’ll see.
Davide Direnzo, Danny Michel, Mark McIntyre and Robert Carli
An interview with Canada’s creative music-tech tinkering, planet-protecting troubadour.
Elephant Revival Band
And other environmental considerations in an interview with the women of Elephant Revival.
Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Day 1 - Walk for Reconciliation “A\J Alter
Why implementing Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Canada is essential – and why the government is refusing to do so, in spite of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
A\J’s favourite parts of the Pope’s inspiring encyclical letter to humanity.
Three things to learn from Polish fair trade fashion designers
Watershed - Eric Peterson and cast
From the team behind Seeds, The Watershed explores the tensions between our need for sustainable watersheds and an economy based on their harm.
Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada \ Wikimedia CC BY-SA 2.5
May’s new private member's bill would require the federal government to proactively publish federally funded science.
A found-objects playground in St. Louis, floating solar power stations in Japan, left-handed kangaroos and more cool stuff we found this week.