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Evidence for Democracy: Science Pledge
Leading up to the federal election, the campaign is asking MPs, candidates, organizations and citizens to pledge their support for science and evidence-based government decision-making.
(Photo: a cityscape of downtown Los Angeles, California)
Surface runoff due to industrial agriculture and urban development is a big factor in the California water shortage. Permaculture may be the answer.
Solar-powered "supertrees," octopuses with souls, a new hydrothermal vent field in California and more cool stuff we found this week.
(Photo: a woman sews a button on fabric)
Save money and the planet with these DIY clothing repairs and upcycling ideas.
Melissa Stieber of More Than Half clothing in Kitchener, Canada
What’s behind that fair trade, organic cotton dress.
(Photo: a rack of fur coats)
Whether you go natural or synthetic is an environmental issue, not just a moral one.
(Photo: a rack of used clothing)
Our top tips for a successful clothing swap.
(Photo: a cougar stands on a riverbank)
There is still hope that Atlantic Canada is home to eastern cougars.
(Photo: a woman reaching into a washing machine)
Practical tips for reducing your laundry footprint.
Water filtering paper, smog-eating concrete, plants with long-term memory and more cool stuff we found this week.
(Photo: a reflection of a village in a body of water)
The Clean Foundation's guide to preventing flooding in your yard and harvesting rainwater for your gardens.
(Photo: a group of small plastic businessmen stand in discussion)
The environmental movement is divided on two key battlegrounds: intensification and nuclear power.
A new green roof mandate in France, environmentally friendly asphalt, computer server "data furnaces" and more cool stuff we found this week.
(Photo: a businessman riding a bicycle to work)
What you need to know to make cycling a part of your daily routine.
Woman putting sunscreen from a bottle on the beach
The difference between chemical and physical sunscreen, ingredients to avoid and other important details to help keep your skin protected this summer.
The most cycling-friendly city in America, cartwheeling spiders, how worms are helping to prevent climate change and more cool stuff we found this week.
(Photo: a Canadian lynx walks through the snow)
The Canadian lynx population experiences frightening dips and climbs every decade, following behind the cycle of its main food source, the snowshoe hare.
Breaking the World Record for tree planting, solar bike paths, a hero elephant and more cool stuff we found this week.
(Photo: a pine marten clings to a fence in Nova Scotia)
Once eradicated from many areas of Canada, the pine marten is being reintroduced to new habitats.
(Photo: Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario)
Ontario is one step closer to a future without high-pressure hydraulic fracturing.