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Which nuts are drought-safe, tree-planting drones, a new volcanically active planet and more cool stuff we found this week.
(Photo: a group of people waiting at a bus stop)
A “time-as-money” mindset discourages environmental behaviour, UBC research finds.
(Photo: a plentiful spread of fruits and vegetables)
Brazil’s food guide got a radical overhaul last year that we should all pay attention to. The new guide categorizes foods based on how processed they are, rather than what they’re made of.
(Photo: a couple stands on a beach in Thailand)
If we’re going to win the environmental debate, we need to position ourselves as defenders of “the good life,” not the threat.
An artistic video reflection of the Gulf oil disaster, a caterpillar with tentacles and other cool things we found this week!
Puffins by Brian Gratwicke via Flickr
Scientists are noticing worrying rates of infant mortality in Atlantic puffin populations – the cause of death is starvation.
Things about trees in honour of Arbor Day, a real-life Kermit the frog and other cool things we found this week!
Garbage in Nature | Photo © nonameman \
Despite a hefty bill, the cost-savings from plastic-free water could be equally massive.
Screenshot from Environmental Defence Tar Sands Migration video
In case you missed it: we recap a few highlights of the protests against Energy East.
Medieval potions, the International Year of Soils and more cool things we learned this week.
Directors of the documentary "Beyond Crisis" discuss themes from the film and the importance of climate action.
A letter to the editor from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
Basking Shark | Chris Gotschalk photo
Though often portrayed as man-eaters in the media, sharks rarely attack people. In fact, you are more likely to be killed by a dog bite, a collapsing sand hole or a lightning strike than by a shark.
Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch by Gonzalo Pineda Zuniga | Flickr
Taking a page from the history book can benefit climate change research.
The Best Things Ever of All Time, This Week!
Where lightning strikes most often, the Rs beyond "recycle" and more cool things we learned this week!
Padule di Fuecchio wetlands, Italy | Francesca
The stunning photos that made it to the final round of the World Wetlands Day 2015 Youth Photo Contest held by the Ramsar Convention.
The Best Things Ever of All Time, This Week!
Mice can sing and aquatic plants can purify water, plus our favourite things from this year's Green Living Show.
Chef's Garden Tour | Edsel Little via Flickr
Take a crash course to get your vegetable garden off to a strong start!
A North Atlantic Right Whale mother with her calf
Will the North Atlantic right whale lose the race against extinction?
Best Things Ever of All Time, This Week!
Hair scrunchies on cats, why there are no sea snakes in the Atlantic and more cool things we learned this week!