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An imminent pause in the oil patch boom suggests that it might be time to put some of our eggs in another basket.
Panel at the WEAR Conference. A\J Photo: Tammy Thorne
The WEAR Conference brought people and companies together to promote sustainability within the fashion industry.
Grasshopper chocolates
There are a lot of good reasons to eat insects, but will westerners ever get over the “yuck” factor? A Dutch supermarket thinks so.
Activists with signs at COP20
Canada’s behaviour at COP20 in Peru is out of touch with reality – as usual.
The Greenbelt Alliance wants better protection for the ecologically sensitive area, which remains at risk from sprawl, mega-highways and contaminated soil.
Starry Night-inspired bike path.
Why architectural principles hold the key to wind and solar acceptance.
Brown paper packages tied up with string by Susy Morris
95% of Canadians like the idea of more environmentally friendly gift-wrapping. Here's how to do it.
Family in snow A\J
Getting bored of winter? Try these outdoor activities, or escape indoors with IMAX or exhibits in a city near you.
How to avoid filling the world with more plastic, toxic, resource-sucking or unwanted crap this holiday season.
Holiday survival guide
Let us help you through the December chaos.
Join us for 12 joyful, inspiring stories from our archives over the next 12 days!
The view from a Paris café.
Our “Think Global” blog hits the ground running with a look at what we can learn from French transportation culture.
Brown tawny owl in a tree.
Species may be more adaptive to environmental changes than we thought, but small shifts can still be enough to cause extinctions.
Knives, forks, and spoons made from a biodegradable starch-polyester material.
The bioplastics industry is taking off – and has way more potential than dorky forks made from corn starch.
Preamplifier at the National Ignition Facility
Once again, military advantage is fuelling nuclear technology advancements. This time, Lockheed Martin has announced a nuclear fusion breakthrough.
Rouge River Lookout, Toronto, Ontario
Everyone wants the 10,500 acres in the Rouge Valley to be made into a national urban park, yet few but the Harper Tories think their plan for the green space is the best path forward.
The Fox of Many Hats and a One-Racoon Band
The third instalment in our "Skills for the New Economy" series looks at interdisciplinary approaches to big problems.
Petrolisthes cinctipes
Research released today shows combined effects of warming and acidification will zap the energy of porcelain crabs, forcing them into survival mode.
Lest we forget: war is about power.
Screenshot of a climber taking a photo from the top of a cliff.
How climbers are working with parks to reduce their impact on the environment.