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Wind farm in southwestern Ontario/Michael Swan. 2015. CC BY-ND 2.0
Setting aside lawsuits from shuttering wind projects, Ontario is turning its back on unprecedented opportunities in the renewable energy and clean tech sectors.
How Music is Overcoming Hate with Beauty
Data showing Canadian support for carbon pricing.
Ontario’s mostly pro-climate-pricing voters didn’t abruptly shift their thinking on fighting climate change on election day — only the PC leader did.
Adrian Underhill talks about his album cover, why Hillside is his favorite music festival, and what he wishes was different about the music industry.
Birds of Bellwoods speak up about youth, Kintaro’s hair, and the price of a six pack.
Seascapes on the Scotian Basin (Photo by Simon Ryder-Burbidge.)
On June 22, 2018, BP spilled 136,000 litres of offshore drilling lubricant off the coast of Nova Scotia, one of the largest such spills in Atlantic Canada's history. But it was far from unique.
Professor Molly Shoichet in the lab. (Roberta Baker/University of Toronto)
Humans demand progress that can only be achieved through complex, technological means. Shouldn't our elected officials be guided by science?
The importance of providing young Canadians with the opportunities they need to succeed.
A\J is looking for green business writers to help bring our next issue on impact investing to life!
Rail cars on the move in Dickinson, North Dakota. (NNDOT. 2011.)
Oil and gas spills are costly for the environment and taxpayers alike. But what if the soil, given time, can heal itself?
Cape Town from Table Mountain. (Photo by Bas Leenders. 2012) CC BY-SA
Cape Town avoided catastrophe in April, but water shortages and subsequent cuts in usage will not be a thing of the past. Nor are other cities immune.
LEDs on display at Rabba. (Photo provided by Rabba Fine Foods.)
Rick Rabba of Rabba Fine Foods finds solace (and savings) in energy retrofits.
Flint water tower. (Photo by George Thomas. 2016.) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
The Tesla founder has vowed to make good on his Twitter pledge to restore Flint residents’ faith in the city’s water quality.
Tourists at Hawaii Kai Beach. (Photo by Marufish. 2004) CC BY-SA
With chemical ingredients in sunscreen bleaching coral, we take a deep dive into how sunscreen is breaking reef ecosystems.
Smokestacks near Edmonton, AB. (Photo by Bill Burris. 2013.) CC A-SA
Ontario may have signalled an end to its cap-and-trade program, but the idea can still win popular support nationally...if Ottawa cuts every Canadian a cheque.
A brittle star occupying a year-old subsea installation. (Photo by D. Jones)
In the North Sea, thousands of oil rigs and wind turbines are being decommissioned and removed from ocean habitats. But could leaving them in be better for the environment?
Pickering nuclear plant from Frenchman's Bay. (JasonParis. 2011) CC BY 2.0
The Pickering nuclear plant will close sooner rather than later. Are we ready to transition the plant’s workers to a post-nuclear reality?
Volunteers with Hillside's state-of-the-art Trash Turnaround wagon. (M. Ruby)
A near-zero waste community of supportive people bonding over music is Jessica Burman’s kind of place.
Lane Burman with his kids at Hillside. (Photo by J. Burman)
After 10 years, Lane Burman’s love of Hillside remains strong.
MNRF water bomber on a sortie over northern Ontario. (Ryan McGilchrist) CC BY-SA
Lightning strikes have caused dozens of forest fires across the province in recent weeks, tens of thousands of hectares in size.