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Global nuclear energy trends and the threat of climate change mean we won’t be saying goodbye to nuclear any time soon.
In episode nine, Carl Safina heads to Zanzibar to profile efforts to instill a conservation ethic in the residents and religious leaders of Pemba Island's fishing villages.
New blog, The Wild Side, kicks off with Ellen Jakubowski sharing a story of how people power saved a falcon and her species.
Could the untapped resources of micro and pico hydropower can provide a path to fossil fuel freedom?
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Keep warm this winter and significantly trim your energy bills with these tips from Green Living Online.
Carl Safina meets with marine historians to find out what happened to northwest Atlantic cod and whether or not the damage can be reversed.
Living sustainably takes more than turning off the lights. Can you take it a step further?
In episode seven, Carl Safina explores the problems faced by the leatherback turtle on Trinidad's northeast coast and profiles a local anti-poaching group.
The "State of Ontario's Forests" report stresses the need to understand the impacts of climate change on Crown forests – and their role in mitigating it.
Calling for comprehensive thinking about hydroelectric dams that balances people, the environment and our energy needs.
Calling for action and public dialogue about the Line 9 Pipeline reversal and tar sands expansion.
Carl Safina investigates the efforts in Washington State to restore salmon habitats in the Nisqually River where overfishing and habitat loss eliminated their population decades ago.
Shoreline of the Shell Albian Oil Sands tailings pond, near Fort McKay. © Ian Wi
Dan Beare asks Bernard Fleet how we can expedite Canada’s (inevitable) transition to a low-carbon economy.
Can we love reefs–and fish–without loving them to death? In episode four of "Saving the Ocean," Carl Safina takes viewers to Belize to see the damage shark hunting is having on the coral reefs.
Andrew Reeves reports on new changes to Ontario's Greenbelt legislation including the Urban River Valley designation and the first expansion of the Greenbelt since its formation in 2005.
In episodes two and three of his PBS series "Saving the Ocean," Carl Safina travels to Georges Bank to give viewers an inside look into the industry of swordfish hunting.
In the first instalment of his PBS series "Saving the Ocean," Carl Safina goes whale-watching in Baja California where Gray Whales were once a target for commercial hunting.
Windmills in rural Germany. © elxeneize \
Looking to Germany for insight into gathering political support for renewable energy.
Green Living Online offers up 10 easy ways for Canadians to waste less food and save money on their grocery bills.
Jo Anne Tacorda digs into composting as one way to deal with all the food we’re wasting at home.