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A\J founder Dr. Robert Paehlke recounts a thorough history of cuts to Canadian environmental protection agencies, leading up to the ruthless slashing we’re seeing today.
Three calls for proposals: DIY Technology, food innovators, and sustainable beverage creators.
Exploring successful LCA applications—from beer bottles to those new polymer banknotes.
100+ former Rangers gather to fight the cancellation of the Ranger Program, citing its benefits to both youth and northern communities.
Deciphering the MINDSPACE report, which connects behavioural economics to public policy making—and tests out one of its recommendations.
Jessica Kuepfer connects insights from professional cyclist Kathryn Bertine to her vision for the environmental movement. And we're giving away a copy of Bertine's latest book!
Evaluating the merits (or lack thereof) of Medicine Hat’s concentrated solar power project.
The mini-documentary Living Democracy from the Ground Up uses the struggle to protect BC's Fish Lake from the New Prosperity mine to demonstrate the real impacts of environmental laws.
Stu Campana argues against completely phasing out nuclear power in Canada and around the world.
The disappointing conclusion of the climate negotiations in Doha and the promise of the global climate justice movement.
The role of Canada’s boreal forest in global food security, and efforts to protect the priceless natural resource.
Julie Bélanger profiles a panel discussion at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery about realising the potential of cities.
A look at the need for lifecycle analysis policy in Canada – and provides a holiday-themed example.
The success of the 25-year-old Niagara River Remedial Action Plan.
Opposition to the project is up to 60% in BC, thanks in part to Enbridge's own ads.
Exploring the promise of renewable energy co-ops that allow communities to benefit directly from energy projects.
Julia Dupuis recounts her quest for local food in Fredericton, NB.
Looking for low-waste, unique gifts? Irith McConnachie profiles nine upcycling artists.
Experience in Ontario and New York State shows offshore development is not a priority.
Fuel-efficient vehicle discounts for the London Congestion Charge might lower emissions, but not congestion. Julia Hawthornthwaite reports from London, England on the tighter requirements.