Active Hope book review A\J
An inspiring and powerful book for anyone seeking to step up and commit to repairing our broken world.
Energy and Empire book review A\J
The latest book by George Gonzalez is a welcome contribution to our understanding of the origins and implications of US energy policy.
Making Meaning Out of Mountains book review A\J
A double-header review explores the connections between development, identity and the environment in western Canada. Also reviewed is Robert W. Sandford's The Weekender Effect: Hyperdevelopment in Mountain Towns.
You've Been Trumped film review A\J
This documentary film profiles the locals who dared to oppose The Donald’s plans for a megaplex golf resort in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Stephen Hutchings art review A\J
Stephen Hutchings' striking series of 8'x8' paintings of tempestuous skies is on display at the Canadian Museum of Nature, until March 3, 2012.
The No-Nonsense Guide to Equality book review A\J
Danny Dorling shows us the better world that can result when we take equality seriously.
Thinking Big, Building Small book review A\J
Marianne Brandis tells the story of a nut sheller and other small-scale, low-cost, environmentally friendly machinery that make the most of available and renewable resources.
Sowing Seeds in the Desert book review A\J
Masabobu Fukuoka promotes natural farming methods to combat desertification in this unique book initially published in Japanese in the mid-1990s.
In Organic We Trust film review A\J
This important film shows how big agriculture and certified organics have become the best of bedfellows, blurring the line between crops and cash.
Fair Trade book review A\J
Québec-based photojournalist Éric St.-Pierre captures the lives of the workers behind the fair trade label.

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