Plato's Revenge book review A\J
For William Ophuls, true progress depends on expanded consciousness, not material advances.
This Soil, This Water book review A\J
This Ed Schleimer and Susan Hodges Bryant collaboration tackles an ecological controversy that has continued to percolate for more than two decades: the Walkerton, Ontario, E. coli water crisis.
The Third Industrial Revolution book review A\J
Jeremy Rifkin imagines a new industrial model and presents an uplifting vision of the future.
Rethinking the Great White North book review A\J
A collection of essays expose the racism and ethnocentrism embedded in our sense of nation and nature.
This Crazy Time book review A\J
A Canadian activist gets behind the scenes and on the front lines of some high profile environmental campaigns.
Industrial Evolution book review A\J
An environmental industrialist says businesses need to put people before profits.
Creative Community Organizing book review A\J
Four inspiring and grounded books discuss issues of social change and civic engagement.
Global Climate Change book review A\J
Orrin and Keith Pilkey clearly and rationally lay out the evidence for the reality of climate change.
Paths to a Green World book review A\J
Jennifer Clapp and Peter Dauvergne explain how different perspectives shape different understandings of environmental issues and how to solve them.
Carrot City book review A\J
Imagine cities and suburbs becoming agriculturally productive and sustainable, and see how it is already happening.

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