The Urban Food Revolution book review A\J
Peter Ladner examines the economics, politics, and social justice issues surrounding urban food.
Rambunctious Garden book review A\J
Emma Marris presents an inspiring challenge to rethink our attitudes and efforts in environmental conservation.
The False Promise of Green Energy book review A\J
Three books examine the need for green energy from three very different positions, ranging from denial to desperation to optimism.
The Power of Sustainable Thinking book review A\J
Three books advocate personal and local approaches to sustainable living.
The Transition Companion book review A\J
Rob Hopkins follows up The Transition Handbook with an inspiring manual for sustainable communities.
Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability book review A\J AlternativesJournal.c
Brendon Larson examines how metaphors shape our understanding, and argues that those we have to describe the environment impede sustainability.
Humanizing the Economy book review A\J
John Restakis advocates for co-operation as a pragmatic solution to the capitalist system.
Seeing Lessons book review A\J
Catherine Owen interweaves poetry and photography in a tribute to 19th-century frontierswoman Mattie Gunterman.
Climate, Culture, Change book review A\J
Drawing on Inuit thought, Timothy Leduc encourages us to see the environment as a living being rather than as a set of resources.
The Crossley ID Guide book review A\J
David Crossley's remarkable and innovative guide is sure to become a classic of the bird lover's library.

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