Open Wide a Wilderness book review A\J
An anthology of Canadian nature poetry offers rich and diverse reflections on the environment and our place in it.
Storms of My Grandchildren book review A\J
Renowned climatologist James Hansen insists on the impending dangers of climate change and our need for immediate action.
The Transition Handbook book review A\J
Rob Hopkins advocates a practical plan for developing sustainable communities.
Tar Sands book review A\J
Andrew Nikiforuk exposes the devastating effects of exploiting Canada's tar sands.
Climate Wars book review A\J
Gwynne Dyer and Cleo Paskal raise the alarm on the geopolitical impacts of climate change.
Slow Death by Rubber Duck book review A\J
Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie expose the toxic chemicals in everyday household items and offer practical solutions to minimize our bodies' toxic loads.
The Sacred Universe book review A\J
Priest Thomas Berry unites theology and ecology toward an understanding of the universe as our primary sacred community.
Generation A book review A\J
Canadian novelists Douglas Coupland and Margaret Atwood imagine a future shaped by pandemic environmental destruction and corporate control.
Bottomfeeder book review A\J
Do you treat yourself to oysters or salmon from time to time? Are you tempted by tiger shrimp? Is tuna your comfort food?
Silence of the Songbirds Where the Wild Things Were A\J
Conservationists, backyard birders and manic “twitchers” alike will find these books both informative and entertaining.

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