Fort McMoney screen shot.
Fort McMoney uses an intriguing new way of storytelling that combines the visual potency of conventional documentary with the open-ended asides that hyperlinks allow.
Programmed to be Fat, The Nature of Things, 2012
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals could be predisposing humans to obesity – and their work may begin while we’re still in the womb.
The Burning Question; Globalization and the Environment; and The War on Science.
Three books that provide the big picture of the global environmental outlook and Canada's role in it: The Burning Question; Globalization and the Environment; and The War on Science.
Roller coaster in the ocean after Hurricane Sandy
A trio of climate film reviews: The Wisdom to Survive, Greedy Lying Bastards and The Carbon Rush.
The Carbon Rush book by Amy Miller
An exploration of the emissions trading market and those who suffer the consequences of this marketing scheme.
Bike City, Great City by David Chernushenko
This Ottawa-based documentary shows the benefits of embracing bicycles on our streets.
The Good Neighbour, directed by Astrid Schau-Larsen
What's it like to live next door to Norwegian-owned Statoil's Alberta oil sands operations?
The Province of Ontario's 25-year Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
This new report from the Neptis Foundation is a comprehensive examination of the province’s strategy to reign in sprawl in the mega-region around the western end of Lake Ontario.
We Animals book cover, Jo-Anne McArthur, book review on A\J
McArthur’s powerful book exposes the physical and mental barriers people often place between themselves and non-human animals.
Slow Food Story film poster
An intimate portrait of the man behind the slow food movement.

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