Bullfrog Power and Queens Partnership

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This past November, the Queen's University Solar Design Team (QSDT) announced their partnership with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading clean energy provider.

The QSDT has been building a completely off-grid home meant to test and discover new and advanced sustainable housing technologies.

The Queen’s Solar Education Center, as it is called, features a 1.9kW solar panel, a rainwater collection and storage system and an innovative heating system that will lessen the heating costs in the winter.

“Any organization that can help push the envelope on [a low carbon economy is] an ideal partner for us” says Ron Seftel, CEO of Bullfrog Power, “a stand-alone building that they’re going to use for tours, a training platform for students and a real life learning experience. It was the natural partnership for us.”

When looking for a partner, says Seftel, they look for those who have a similar overarching objective of creating a sustainable future with renewable energy sources. “The secondary objective is around how they do that,” he says, “typically we work with community lead-organizations.” 

The Queen's Solar Education Centre is not yet completed, but the team is already holding workshops, tours and visits from camps and schools. They were ecstatic when the partnership was finalized.

Katie Yang, QSDT’s business manager, says that when corporations like Bullfrog Power support them, “it gives us a legitimacy that shows other companies that yes, we are helping to educate individuals on renewables and this is a good investment in terms of working to get the message of clean energy out there.”

Renewable energy still has a long way to go, but the partnership between QSDT and Bullfrog Power will hopefully further the momentum towards a sustainable future.

Says Seftel, “The products and technology solutions are out there. They will get better and they will get cheaper as they get scale, but it's really about showing people the path forward.”


Veronika Szostak is a student at the University of Waterloo in the Environment and Resource Studies program. She is a volunteer at A/J and aspires to become a journalist, artist, and environmentalist.

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