42.2 Coming Home

Published: September 2016

42.2 COMING HOME explores the complex issue of housing; everything from the current economic crisis to the ways in which where and how we live has an impact on the environment. Guest editors Markus Moos and Sean Hertel, two urban planning gurus, guide you on this journey.

Some of the highlights: 

  • Evicted by guest editors Markus Moos and Sean Hertel takes a hard look at Canada's broken housing system. 
  • Hip, Cool, and Unafforadable by Richard Florida explores the double-edged sword of big city living. 
  • Home in the North by Andrew Wong takes a closer look at what unique housing issues our Northern communities experience. 
  • Our Mortgaged Future by economist Alan Walks seeks to help us all understand the overleveraged state of housing financing in North America. 

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Igloolik is one of 25 growing communities in Nunavut, where an entire generation of residents have been underhoused.

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