42.4 Lifelong Learning

Published: December 2016

42.4 LIFELONG LEARNING explores how environmental education has grown beyond the classroom to incorporate a world of experiential learning tools, from open-access lectures to hands-on ecotourism. In this issue, we begin to explore this new dynamic in this new age of environmental education, with feature stories including:

  • Katimavik 2.017: From one alum to another, Ainsley Munro asks our Prime Minister to reboot this national treasure
  • A Nation of Noahs: Leah Gerber introduces A\J readers to the New Noah program, a conservation-education initiative now in its 26th year
  • A Million Ways: Akansha Halbe is our guide to ecotourism programs that build respect for other cultures and sustainable awareness
  • A Natural Evolution: Former Fleming College dean, Linda Skilton, uses the Fleming experience as a case study for how environmental education has evolved to meet changing needs
  • Yearning for Free Learning: Nicole McCallum and Stacey Dankert remind us that we are neither too young, too old, too rich nor too poor to take an open online course
  • We Are Reconciling: Leah Gerber shares the story of Mi'kmaq-designed and delivered courses from Cape Breton University that attracts thousands of participants from around the world
  • Retired, Not Tired: Neale Adams puts the spotlight on the Suzuki Elders, a group of active and engaged senior who are up for the fight and ready to battle

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Ecotourism programs, like Canoes for Peru out of Mount Royal University, build respect for other cultures and sustainability awareness.
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