Biodiversity 23.4

Published: October 1997

Editorial: Diverse by Nature - Stephen Bocking

Behind the Green Curtain - Michael M'Gonigle
Despite the rhetoric, BC's recent forestry reforms will not protect biodiversity, and herein lies a cautionary tale for advocates of incremental change.

The Bear Necessities - Jerry DeMarco, Anne Bell and Stewart Elgie
Canada needs to take serious steps to honour our commitments to endangered species and spaces.
Inset: Failings of the Dead Bill.

Making Knowledge Powerful - Thomas Meredith
Mexican village project uses environmental information technologies to strengthen community voices in biodiversity conservation.

Fire on the Land - Russel Barsh
There's nothing primitive about farmers using fire to sustain biodiversity.

Caring for the Carolinian - Doug van Hemessen
Partnerships fight for one of Canada's most diverse and threatened regions.

Once There Were Millions of Passenger Pigeons Too - Robert Gibson

Drug Giant Deals for Rainforest - Nathan Cullen
Some think Costa Rica's agreement with Merck & Co., Inc. is a questionable way of protecting diversity.

Multilateral Misgivings - Fred Gale
Critics argue that a quietly planned globalization agreement amounts to a corporate rule treaty.

A Different Development - Denise Taschereau and Heather Wornell
Citizens are successfully pushing plans for a sustainable community in Vancouver's False Creek.

Feds Fish for Support - Daniel Rainham and Tarah Wright
A ripple of cautious optimism greets new Oceans Act.

Bunk Behind the Backlash - Gary Gallon
Highly publicized reports exaggerate the costs of environmental regulation.

Nature's Challenge, M. Fournier 
Ultimate Security: The Environmental Basis of Political Stability, N. Myers 
Fighting for Survival: Environmental Decline, Social Conflict, and the New Age of Insecurity, M. Renner 
The Search for the Ultimate Sink: Urban Pollution in Historical Perspective, J.A. Tarr

Harms' Way: Sink Your Teeth Into This - Dave Harms

Alternatives Journal 23.4