Biofuelling the Future 35.2

Published: March 2009

Corn-based ethanol has become the latest target of the environmental and social justice movements, but let's not throw out the jatropha, French-fry grease and pond scum with the maize. There is more to the biofuel debate than food-versus-fuel. Take a look inside this issue of Alternatives and you'll discover that if we use our ecological knowledge and experience, biofuels hold great promise.

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News & Notes 

11 bite-sized book reviews.

Carbon Continentalism: The Obama Effect Safe Harbour for Endangered Species 

Letter from Cape Farewell - David Noble Cape Hopeful

Soil Not Oil - Vandana Shiva
Environmental justice in an age of climate crisis.

Beyond Food-vs-Fuel - Susan Holtz
The biofuel debate must consider both energy and agriculture.

Better Bioenergy - Mark Purdon, Roger Samson, Stephanie Bailey-Stamler
Rather than picking bioenergy “winners,” effective policy should let a lifecycle analysis decide.

Growing Fuel - Carol Hunsberger
Kenyans are experimenting with jatropha to determine the best scale for production.

Energy In:Energy Out
How three biofuels stack up.

Review: Scientizing PoliticsBrendon Larson
The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics by Roger A. Pielke, Jr.

Review: The "R" WordErin Elliott
Environmental Justice and Racism in Canada: an Introduction by Andil Gosine and Cheryl Teelucksingh

Brain Mulch: Eat Your CarAndil Gosine


Alternatives Journal 35.2