Books from the Deep Green (Issue 35.3)

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In this podcast we speak with some of the book reviewers from the print edition. As Executive Editor Nicola Ross points out in her Editorial Overview, since the reviewers are often as interesting as the writers of the featured books, these interviews go way beyond a simple review.

Intro 0m21 - 2m27

Editorial Overview 2m27 - 14m03 (dur.11m36)

In his article "Skewing Science" Stephen Bocking discusses four recent books that expose the sleazier side of science and its often unholy alliance with Big Business. 14M03 - 43m49 (dur. 29M46)

In Book Blurbs, Alternatives Journal staff and editorial board members call in with their best environmental books recommendations 43m49 - 53m10 (dur 9m23)

Heather McAndrew discusses two biographies of Nikolai Vavilov, a giant in the world of food security but someone you've likely never hear of. 53M10 - 1h04m50 (dur 11m39)

Just when you thought it was safe to back into the water, marine biologist David Lavigne scares the Bejesus out of us with his review of Taras Grescoes book "Bottomfeeder: How to Eat Ethically in a World of Vanishing Seafood" 1h0-4m50 - 1h26m08 (dur 21m10)

Susan Scott argues (in the nicest possible way) that real environmental change might come from an unlikely source: Books. She also introduces Host Peter Stock to Tim Lilburn. 1H26m08 - 1h41m58 (dur 15m50)

Novelist Martha Baillie reads Tim Lilburn's environmental poem Restoration 1h41m58 - 1h45m21 (3m22)

Host: Peter Stock

The music used in this podcast is "Urban Nocturne" by Mark Sylvester