Car vs. Transit 24.1

Published: January 1998

Editorial: No More Horsing Around - Ray Tomalty

The US and Us - Tamim Raad and Jeff Kenworthy Canadian cities are going the way of their US counterparts into car-dependent sprawl.
Inset: Dimensions of Difference
Inset: Going My Way? by Michael Torreiter
Inset: The Best Text by John Hartman
Inset: Take a White Bike by Environment Network News

What's Right With This Picture?
If it weren't for legal barriers and biases, your community could look like this one...

Back On Track - John Pucher
Eight steps to rejuvenate public transport in Canada.
Inset: A New Kind of Bus Afoot by Elise Houghton
Inset: Bikeshyviks Rule by Tamim Raad and Gavin Davidson.

Driving Out Subsidies - Todd Litman
How better pricing of transportation options would help protect our environment and benefit consumers.
Inset: What Is the Goal of Transportation?
Inset: Car Co-ops Unclog Causeways! by Miki Promislow
Inset: Sustainable Transportation Indicators
Inset: Ensuring Equity in the Transition

Weak Controls Burn Hamiltonians - Lynda Lukasik
Residents press for tighter regulation of the recycling industry.

Up With the Creek - Joel Freedman
Unusual partners are restoring an endangered watershed on Vancouver Island.

Mining On "Nature Island" - Gwenith Whitford
The Dominican government's resource extraction plans anger conservationists.

Good Idea, Bad Neighbour - David Bacon
Los Angeles recyclers contaminate their surroundings.

Stephen Dale, McLuhan's Children: The Greenpeace Message and the Media 
Graham Purchase, Anarchism and Ecology 
William Ophuls, Requiem for Modern Politics: The Tragedy of the Enlightenment and the Challenge of the New Millennium

Harms' Way: Weathering the Traffic - Dave Harms

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