Citizen Activism: Looking Inside the Environmental Movement 20.2

Published: March 1994

Editorial: Citizen Activism and the quest for sustainability - Don Alexander

Local Stewardship: Training Ground for an Environmental Vanguard - Sally Lerner
Inset: Top-down meets bottom-up down under by Anna Carr

Heeding Rachel Carson’s Call: Reflections of a Home-Making Eco-Crusader - Helen MacDonald

Expanding Worldviews: Social Movement Backgrounds Bring a Deeper Analysis to the Environmental Movement - Robert B. Feagan

Environmentalism and the Politics of Invisibility - Ted Schrecker

Canadian, World, Technology Notes

Harms’ Way: Lawnmower Man - Dave Harms

Coalition claims biotechnology regulations are inadequate - Greg Cento
Inset: Concern over biotechnology side - effects

Global Change Game becomes living exercise in sustainability - Jessica Schafer

Japanese consumer co-ops create caring community, sound environment - J.G. Craig
Inset: Co-op Kanagawa’s “Co-op Ecology Programme”

A First Nation elder’s perspective on the environment: An interview with Lavina White - Don Alexander

The Raging Grannies Songbook by Jean McLaren and Heide Brown, eds.
Circles of Strength: Community Alternatives to Alienation by Helen Forsey, ed.
Earth Follies: Coming to Feminist Terms with the Global Environment Crisis by Joni Seager
The Way: An Ecological World-view by Edward Goldsmith
Biotechnics and Society: The Rise of Industrial Genetics by Sheldon Krimsky
Biotechnology: An Activist’s Handbook by The Vermont Biotechnology Group
Sustainable Urban Development in Canada: From Concept to Practice by the Intergovernmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research
Sustainable Use of Canada’s Forests: Are We on the Right Path? by Kim Sanderson, ed.
Balancing Act: Environmental Issues in Forestry by Hamish Kimmins

Podium: Environmental policy and the failure of the consultation process - David Bennett

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