Climate Change 24.4

Published: October 1998

Editorial: Child of the Weekend Gets a Job - Stephen Bocking

Stopped Cold - Heather A. Smith
Action by Canada on climate change has been blocked by opposition both inside and outside government.
Inset: Trading Scheme Offers One Way to Cut Greenhouse Gases by Trevor Fleck
Inset: Key Events

Allied Forces - Mae Burrows
Unions and environmentalists can work together for jobs and ecological sustainability.
Inset: Resolution

Lessons from a Latin Partner - M.A. Altieri and A. Rojas
Two decades of free market policies have spurred Chile's economy, but at a steep price.
Inset: Chilean Miners Dig Canada by C. McLaughlin

Swamp Creatures Relieved - Shannon Curry
Brazil abandons huge project in Pantanal wetlands.

Community Logs - Jennie Barron
Westwind Forest Stewardship takes a nonprofit approach to forest management in Muskoka.

Smart Wood in Haliburton -Brent Wootton

Land at Ease - Kevin J. Gibson
New Brunswick becomes the most recent province to use conservation easements to protect the land.

In Film, Out of Place - Don Gayton
Movies are increasingly telling us that place is a mere commodity, to be traded and substituted at will.

Sold American: The Story of Alaska Natives and Their Land 1867-1959 by Donald Craig Mitchel 
Our Home or Native Land? What Governments' Aboriginal Policy Is Doing to Canada by Melvin H. Smith 
From Mondragon to America: Experiments in Community Economic Development by Greg MacLeod 
The Transformation of Capitalist Society by Zellig S. Harris 
Redeeming the Time: A Political Theology of the Environment by Stephen Bede Scharper

Harms' Way: Debugging the Climate - Dave Harms

Alternatives Journal 24.4
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