Climate Control 26.2

Published: April 2000

Editorial: Just Another Reason - Robert Gibson

Proof or Consequences - Lydia Dotto
Skeptics say we should wait for proof before taking action on climate change. If they turn out to be right, we'll have saved a lot of bother. But if they're wrong...
Inset: Industry Fossils Deny Problem

The Science - Henry G. Hengeveld
Global temperature is on the rise and the dangers are real and significant.

Warped Tables- D.W. Gillen & W.G. Morrison
The decision-making process used by Canada's climate change round tables has built-in biases.

Arduous TREC - Michael Anderson
An urban wind energy co-op faces opposition from people who prefer their turbines elsewhere.

Good News - Jason Ryan & Anicka Quin
Alternatives highlights the top ten climate stabilization initiatives in Canada.

Mind the Gap - Ralph D. Torrie And Richard Parfett
The discussion so far has focussed on how to meet our modest Kyoto commitments. But the real problem is the gap between our current emissions and the dramatic reductions necessary to stabilize global climate.

Generating Jobs - Carrie Sonneborn
Sustainable energy initiatives deliver more jobs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Back From the Future - John Robinson & Deborah Herbert
Future scenarios can help us foresee where climate change is leading and how we can choose a more sustainable path.

Warming Trend - Sidney Ribaux
Quebec community groups are helping low-income households save energy and cut home heating bills.

Way to Go! - Catherine O'brien
Initiatives across the country get kids to school the sustainable way.Household Greenhouse Gas Emissions Questionnaire Find out how you fair on your greenhouse gas emissions and get some tips on how to reduce them.

Cuban Creativity - Elizabeth Ferguson
Embargoed islanders do more with less.

Taking Back the Commons - Owen Myers
A grassroots movement in Newfoundland halts river privatization plans.


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Harms' Way: Big Foot in Clown Shoes - Dave Harms

Climate Control 26.2
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